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Baby Gear Essentials

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Nursing Bras and Pads
Nursing pads come in disposable and washable styles and will keep your shirts dry in between feedings. Nursing bras come in two styles: those that unsnap between the cups or unhook from the strap. Whichever you choose, one without underwires will ensure maximum comfort.

Maxi-pads and panty liners
Your lochia will taper off during the first two to three weeks, but you won't be able (or want) to use tampons, so you'll need a couple boxes of maxi-pads and panty liners.

Breast Pump
If you're breastfeeding and plan to either go back to work, or you'd like to let your partner or someone else occasionally feed your baby, you'll need a breast pump. Choose one based on your specific needs. A manual pump is best if you plan to pump only occasionally; an electric pump is better if you will be pumping on a regular basis.



Here are some items that are not true necessities, but can really make life easier:

A nursing pillow
Your arms, neck, and back will thank you.

A functional diaper bag
While any backpack or large purse can get the job done, a compartmentalized diaper bag will keep everything organized and within reach.

A comfortable chair
A good rocking chair will help keep you comfy and soothe your baby during all those nighttime feedings.

You'll be getting up a lot during the night, especially in the first few months, and a good nightlight will save you from turning on the harsh, bright light, or stubbing your toes and shins in the dark.

A gently rocking swing will help soothe and calm your baby like a charm.

For baby equipment safety guidelines and recalls, check the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Website at


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