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National Child Safety Expert, Alison Rhodes, “The Safety Mom,” is one of the country's leading child safety authorities, providing tips and advice to parents on a broad range of issues facing all children - newborns to teens.

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High Tech Safety Helps Save Children's Lives
by Alison Rhodes

While childhood accidents are still the leading cause of death for children, the good news is that advancements in medicine and technology in the past few years have allowed helped reduce this rate. Read on about these great products and services that are helping save children’s lives and protect them from dangers:

Cord Blood Registry – Many parents have heard about banking their child’s umbilical cord blood but surprisingly only 5 percent actually do. The likely reason is the misinformation that’s out there – even from OB GYNs and pediatricians. The reality is that your baby’s cord blood is not just for inherited illnesses from birth but everyday accidents even for teens such as football injuries, biking accidents and car crashes. Brain injuries are the leading cause of death and disability for children 1 to 14 years of age. Research is now showing that the cord blood from a baby’s umbilical cord can be used to help repair brain and nerve cells. For more information visit

BabySense V Infant Movement Monitor – This takes baby monitors to the next level! Unlike traditional monitors that just allow parents to see and hear their baby, the BabySense V is a sensor pad that’s placed under the baby’s crib mattress. If the baby is completely motionless for more than 20 seconds an alarm will go off. Find out where to purchase this monitor at

Baby Alert Smart Pad – As parents we all get distracted. This is especially true when you have more than one child in the car - it’s easy to forget that they are there. We’ve heard countless stories of parents and caregivers forgetting that the child was in the car only to come back later and find the child dead. This BabySafe Car Seat Alarm will eliminate this issue. Just place the sensor pad under the car seat, activate the key fob and the moment you move more than 15 feet away from the car seat an alarm will go off. Purchase online at

Schlage Electronic Keypad – As we’re getting ready to head back to school, kids are getting more involved in afterschool activities and coming home at different times. Also, you might be using a babysitter for the first time. According to a new survey conducted by Mom Central Consulting and sponsored by Schlage locks, 69 percent of moms have given a key to someone not in the family. From a security standpoint this is highly dangerous. Now you can give everyone in the family and your nanny a four-digit code for entry into the home. And, once they no longer are employed or you want to prevent access you can change the code at any time. Learn more at

Zoombak – This is great for moms with tweens and teens who are starting to venture off on their own. The Zoombak! Is the first Universal GPS that can track your child across state lines right from your computer. It’s small enough to throw into their back pack or the back of their car. So now when they say they’re visiting their friend down the street but in reality they’re sneaking over to their boyfriend’s house – you’ll know! This is a great idea for the new driver to keep track of them on the road! Find a retailer near you at

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