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Advice for New Grandparents

First time grandparents may be wondering how to assume their new title and role. Spare yourself embarrassing social blunders, and read through our advice for new grandparents.

  • Consider cord blood banking: the new parents have the option of banking the umbilical cord blood which contains unique stem cells. These stem cells can treat nearly 80 diseases in addition to being used as regenerative medicine. This process is harmless to the mother and newborn-doctors collect the cord blood after the umbilical cord is clamped and cut. Financing the procedure can make a great baby shower gift to the expectant parents.

  • Only offer advice when asked: be careful when offering advice to a daughter-in-law; she may be more receptive to advice from her own mother. If your daughter-in-law seems uninterested in your thoughts, try not to take this gesture personally. Distinguish your role as a grandparent from being a parent.

  • Help plan the baby shower: planning a baby shower can be a fun way to show you care while building a positive relationship with your daughter or daughter-in-law. This will also give you an opportunity to meet other important people in her life.

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    Help around the house: during the pregnancy or even afterward, the expectant parents will appreciate an extra set of hands. Offer to cook a meal, clean the house, or shop for groceries. This will give the new parents an opportunity to rest while you get to spend time with your new grandchild. Also honor boundaries and understand when the new parents need some alone time.

  • Respect the expectant parents' decisions: whether or not you agree with the birth plan or type of birth, be supportive of your child's choices and think of ways to bring up sensitive topics gracefully. Also try to keep nagging to a minimum since this might prompt a hostile response from the new parents. Your disapproval might be perceived as criticism.

  • Respect your In-Laws: it's usually not a good idea to tell your in-laws the new baby looks nothing like them. Remember that you'll also need to let your in-laws spend time with your grandchild. Try not to guilt trip your child by urging them to spend every holiday with you.

  • Make Amends: if you are divorced from your child's father or mother, be prepared to maintain a civil relationship with your ex-spouse for your grandchild's sake. You and your ex-spouse might cross paths at social gatherings, so be prepared for this hairy situation.

Try to be a positive role model to both your grandchild and child. Your actions will show your children how to behave as grandchildren in the future.



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