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Benefits of Reading to Your Grandchildren

One of the many roles you play as a grandparent is mentor and teacher to your grandchild, according to Arthur Kornhaber, M.D., president and founder of the Foundation for Grandparenting. Another way to bond with your grandchild-while developing his or her vital language skills-is reading. The benefits of reading can range from increasing vocabulary to opening up new worlds and enriching your grandchild's life. If you happen to be babysitting and you're looking for an educational activity, consider the benefits that reading has to offer.

  • Reading to your grandchild at a young age prepares your grandchild for successful learning. Even if your grandchild is too young to understand what certain words or phrases mean, hearing the rhythm of language will train your grandchild's brain, ears, and eyes. If you are a non-reading grandparent, or unable to read, try making up a story to go along with the illustrations.

  • Reading aloud also exposes your grandchild to proper grammar and phrasing. This will enhance their ability to express themselves verbally. Reading will also help teach your grandchild how to pronounce new words correctly.

  • Reading aloud also nurtures your grandchild's imagination, curiosity, and passion to discover new stories or revisit old ones.

  • The benefits of reading not only give you and your grandchild a chance to bond, but reading helps expose your grandchild to new ideas and factual information. Through reading, your grandchild can learn about cultures and people from all around the world.

  • Reading with your grandchild can develop new activities such as going to the library, or writing and telling your own story. Storytelling can also be a good way to keep family history alive.

  • Reading can develop social skills. Story hour at a local library can help toddlers learn how to behave around other children or how to sit quietly for a group activity.

  • Reading also enhances your grandchild's critical thinking skills through concepts of cause and effect.

Children can reap the benefits of reading at any age. Read to your grandchild during bedtime, a picnic, or during a long car ride and let the learning begin!



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