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Grandchild Safety Checklist

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, most of the rules of good childcare are the same no matter what age your grandchildren are. Still, there are specific safety concerns to consider as you watch them grow from infants to preschoolers. Below is a helpful safety checklist to post on your refrigerator so that the time you spend with your grandchildren will be safe and fun for everyone involved.

Young Infants

Newborn babies follow objects with their eyes and explore things with their hands, feet and mouths. It won't be long before they begin sitting and crawling.

  • Put your grandchild to sleep on his or her back in a crib with a firm, flat mattress and no soft bedding.

  • Make sure the crib is sturdy, with no loose or missing hardware; used cribs may not meet current safety standards.

  • Don't give your grandchildren toys or other items with small parts, or tie toys around their necks.

  • In a car, always buckle your grandchild in a safety seat on the back seat.

Older Infants

Older infants crawl and start to walk. They enjoy bath time, playing, and exploring objects with their hands by banging and poking them.

  • Never leave your grandchild alone for a moment near any water or in the bathtub, even with a bath seat.

  • Check bath water with your wrist or elbow to be sure it's not too hot for baby's skin.

  • Don't leave your grandchild unattended on a changing table or any other nursery equipment; always use all safety straps.

  • If you use a baby walker for your grandchild, make sure it has special safety featured to prevent falls down stairs, or use a stationary activity center instead.

  • Keep window blind and curtain cords out of reach of your grandchildren; dress them in clothing without drawstrings.

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