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Helpful Books for Grandparents and Grandparents-to-Be

  1. Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren, 4th Edition
    by Sue Johnson and Julie Carlson

    This is a fun, down-to-earth collection of easy, inexpensive ways to show your grandchildren how much you love them. Sue Johnson and her daughter-in-law Julie Carlson, both early childhood educators, have written an extremely helpful book for enriching relationships between children and their grandparents. You will want to keep this book handy for quick reference when your "grands" visit you or when you visit them. Book Details

  2. Long-Distance Grandparenting: Connecting With Your Grandchildren from Afar
    by Willma Willis Gore

    Long ago, grandparents often lived as close to their grandchildren as down the street or across the field. In today's mobile society effective, rewarding grandparenting is a challenge for everyone--for parents, grandparents and grandkids. Chock-full of advice and warming anecdotes, Long-Distance Grandparenting offers countless ways grandparents have remained a loving part of their grandchildren's lives in spite of the distances between them. Book Details

  3. The Gift of Grandparenting
    by Eric Wiggin

    From passing on the family history and imparting spiritual wisdom to sharing special times and fun activities, The Gift of Grandparenting encourages grandparents to take an active role in creating strong spiritual and emotional family ties. Whether the grandchildren live around the corner or around the country, this book gives every grandparent new ways to enjoy the marvelous gift of grandparenting. Book Details

  4. Extreme Grandparenting
    by Tim Kimmel and Darcy Kimmel

    Grandparents have a vital role in the lives of their grandchildren, not only as a mentor and loving family member, but as a spiritual rock during the hard times. Extreme Grandparenting helps readers understand how to make the most of the new role of grandparent and how to grow the next generation for greatness. Book Details

  5. The Grandparent Guide: The Definitive Guide to Coping with the Challenges of Modern Grandparenting
    by Arthur Kornhaber

    The Grandparent Guide is a complete education for readers struggling with the challenges of modern grandparenting. Based on Dr. Kornhaber's more than 30 years of research and clinical studies, it supplies the expert advice and guidance grandparents need to stay ahead of the curve of social change. Book Details

  6. A Boomer's Guide to Grandparenting
    by Allan Zullo and Kathryn Zullo

    Top grandparenting experts cited throughout the book tailor their guidance and recommendations to fit the boomer sensibility, covering topics such as: How to define the grandparenting role for a new generation; the latest trends in child care; how to work in harmony with your children and their spouses; high-tech grandparenting; ways to make the most of time alone with grandchildren; grandparenting and the single-parent household; and grandparents caring for their own parents. Filled with expert advice, this book provides a smooth transition into grandparenting and sets the stage for successful relationships and experiences for the entire family. Book Details

  7. Grandparenting: Tales From The Crib - When Your Children Become Parents
    by Dr. Stephanie Kutzen

    Grandparenting: Tales From the Crib presents a new, humorous and poignant look at family relationships as parents deal with their kids as first time parents. It is a humorous collection of anecdotal stories, memories and observations about the interactions - sometimes collisions! - that occur when grandparents are confronted by the sometimes outrageous demands of their own children as first time parents. These funny and gently instructive stories are connected by Dr. Kutzen's personal narrative and by charming illustrations. What emerges is witty and richly entertaining- a tribute to the importance of family legacies. Book Details

  8. The Joyous Gift of Grandparenting: 101 Practical Ideas & Meaningful Activities to Share Your Love
    by Doug Hewitt and Robin Hewitt

    The Joyous Gift of Grandparenting helps grandparents inspire their grandchildren's imaginations, open their minds to new ideas and concepts, and help develop their social skills. Accompanied by conversation starters, fun facts, and a personal anecdote from the authors, activities included are suitable for all ages and various periods of time, and tips are paired with every activity, discussing grandparent-specific problems. Book Details

  9. Grandparenting From a Distance: An Activities Handbook for Strengthening Long Distance Relationships
    by The National Institute for Building Long Distance Relationships

    This handbook contains 225 activities that will help long distance grandparents strengthen their relationships with their grandchildren. Book Details

  10. Grandparents as Parents: A Survival Guide for Raising a Second Family
    by Sylvie de Toledo and Deborah Edler Brown

    A social worker and founder of Grandparents as Parents (GAP) support groups, de Toledo joined with freelance writer Brown to publish a practical guide for grandparents who find themselves responsible for raising their grandchildren. The first nine chapters deal with predictable and unexpected issues grandparents may face in their relationship with the child: effects on the grandparent's life, effects on other family members, getting help for a troubled child, and dealing with the child's natural parent(s). The pragmatic text is enhanced and humanized by relevant case histories. Subsequent chapters provide vital legal information as well as descriptions of support groups, and appendixes list various sources of support. Book Details

  11. The Essential Grandparent: A Guide to Making a Difference
    by Lillian Carson

    This book will help you develop a plan for your grandparenting. It will dispel the myths and "tell it like it is." You'll learn that other grandparents feel just as you do. It will guide you to become aware of the possibilities, encourage you to trust your intuition, and teach you how to set goals so that you can make the most of this essential role. Just as babies don't come with instructions for parents, they certainly don't come with instructions for grandparents! Book Details

  12. Grandparents' Rights
    by Traci Truly

    As a grandparent, you provide a sense of history and stability to your grandchildren. You are a source of inspiration to them and you instill in them the value of family. When, for whatever reason, you are prevented from being a part of their lives, you feel the pain, but they are the ones who lose. You have the right and the obligation to stand up for yourself and for your grandchildren. Book Details

  13. So You're Expecting to be a Grandparent: More than 50 Things You Should Know About Grandparenting
    by Mary Ellen Pinkham

    This helpful, happy book tells new grandparents what to do to make themselves prepared and indispensable. Tips, suggestions, and To Do items - some practical and reassuring, some humorous - for the grandparent-to-be. Book Details

  14. The Twelve Rules of Grandparenting: A New Look at Traditional Roles and How to Break Them
    by Susan M. Kettmann

    In The 12 Rules Of Grandparenting: A New Look At Traditional Roles And How To Break Them, Susan Kettman examines the "rules" of grandparenting and seeks to clarify, explain, and reform in a non-threatening way what should be expected of grandparents -- and what not to expect. Advice is offered on such sensitive subjects as developing a positive grandparenting attitude while maintaining a life of your own; babysitting (and how to say "no" when necessary); fun projects and activities to enjoy with grandchildren; giving to grandchildren without spoiling them; techniques for scolding or disciplining without hurt feelings; involvement in situations of divorce, custody or illness. Enhanced with an appendix of grandparent support organizations, The 12 Rules Of Grandparenting is "must" reading for anyone who has become a grandparent and wishes to fully enjoy the experience, or must deal with disruption in the lives of their grandchildren and in need of sound advice on what to do. Book Details



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