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Long Distance Grandparents

Grandparents who aren't able to visit their grandchild everyday should not be discouraged by the miles that separate them. Thanks to technological advances, you have plenty of options available to help keep you posted about your grandchild's accomplishments and growth. The suggestions listed below will help you get acquainted with modern technology.


The internet enables instantaneous communication. E-mails not only allow you to send a letter within seconds, but you can include attachments of photos, videos or music.


Skype is free software that you can download onto your computer that works seamlessly with your internet connection. While Skype offers low rates to make calls abroad to cell phones and landlines Skype-to-Skype calls are free. What does this mean? If you and your grandchild both download Skype, you can talk for free! Even better: Skype also enables individuals to enjoy video conference calls. If you and your grandchild have webcams or built-in cameras on your computer, you can smile, wave and talk to each other. Skype's high quality video is so clear that you can even speak in sign language-another useful tool for certain grandparents separated by distance.

Social Networking Sites

While Skype allows you to communicate with your grandchild via video conference, social networking sites encourage new ways to interact with your grandchild, friends and family.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. After you become a member and create your home page, you can add friends (other Facebook members), write messages, post photos, and update your personal profile. While you're waiting for your next Skype call, take a look at your grandchild's Facebook page to see any updates or leave them a comment. You can also view comments left by your grandchild's friends or family which you may also respond to. Wish you could give your grandchild a hug? Facebook offers a variety of applications such as SuperPoke-give anything from "hugs" to "kisses" in cyber space. Facebook is a great way for family members to stay in touch and have fun.

Snail Mail

Other ways to stay connected with your grandchild can include writing letters-a dying art! By writing letters, your grandchild can improve handwriting, literacy, and reading comprehension. You can also send a variety of packages and presents through the mail; a feature unrivaled by Skype and Facebook.



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