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Top 10 Gadgets Grandparents Should Have

Out with the old and in with the new: discover what modern technology has to offer by considering our top 10 gadgets grandparents should have. Get connected to the 21st century by seriously upgrading your vintage gear.

  1. Cell Phone: you'll be the talk of the town, or talking to the town, with a cell phone-a mobile device that allows you to make calls anywhere and anytime. With the help of wireless networks and satellites, you're no longer limited to the confines of your home! Certain cell phones also possess the ability to take photos, video, and play music in addition to accessing the internet.

  2. Laptop: mobility is key in the 21st century, and laptops are becoming increasingly affordable. Sit at your desk, lie in bed, or go to the local coffee shop to browse the web or do some work.

  3. LCD HDTV: trade in your old black and white tube for a flat screen television that will transform your viewing experience. Most flat screens are only several inches deep, making them perfect for wall mounting. The stunning picture quality will surely have your grandchild in awe of your new toy.

  4. iPod or MP3 Player: carry your entire record or CD collection with you in the palm of your hand. These portable music players are great companions for road trips, exercising, or listening to music in your car. Newer versions are also capable of downloading and playing your favorite movies and television shows. Prices will depend on the amount of memory your device has.

  5. Digital Camera: there's no need to develop film with digital cameras. You can instantly view your photos, upload them onto a computer, and send them to friends and family. Capture special moments with your grandchild and edit the photos together on your computer.

  6. Kindle: this mobile device will lighten your load. Carry over 1,000 books with you on your Kindle. The new Kindle model weighs only 10.2 ounces, and if you're concerned about your ailing vision, the new text-to-speech function will read any book, magazine, or newspaper out loud.

  7. Hybrid Car: ditch your clunker and help out the environment. Hybrid cars combine an electrical motor with a gas-powered engine, resulting in lower emissions and better mileage.

  8. Tom Tom: with the help of this GPS car navigation system, seniors can stay focused and drive safely. Tom Tom's car navigation feature will get you to your destination safely while the high definition traffic application will help you dodge delays.

  9. Stereo System with iPod or MP3 Docking Station: bigger does not necessarily mean better. Newer stereo systems pack a powerful punch, measuring roughly 1 foot long. These lightweight stereos often include a docking station for your iPod or MP3 player. Create a playlist or put your music device on shuffle-you'll never have to fiddle with changing a record, tape, or CD again!

  10. High-Speed Internet: still trying to connect with the old dial-up connection? What are you waiting for (other than your webpage to download)?! Get connected with high-speed internet and download movies and music in minutes. Also stay connected withy our grandchild and family through email, social networking sites, and Skype!



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