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Flatter a Fuller Figure

Shopping for clothes that fit and flatter can be a challenge for anyone and full-figured clothing is no exception. While stores are carrying more lines for fuller figures than ever before and more full-figure designers are turning out fabulous new styles, it's still important for you to choose your clothing carefully in order to maximize your curvaceous assets and minimize any areas you aren't comfortable with. So here are some tips for finding the most flattering clothing for your figure.

Know Your Shape. All full figures are not created equal. Are you shaped like an hourglass, an apple (bigger on top with thinner legs and arms), a pear (larger around the hips and behind and smaller on top), or are you solid on top and bottom with nary a curve? Knowing your shape will help you choose pieces that flatter you.

Avoid Shapeless, Oversized Clothing. Throwing on an oversized shirt and baggy pants will only make you look shapeless and bigger than you really are. Choose fitted - not tight - and flattering lines that accentuate your womanly curves while minimizing any problem areas.

Color is Everything. Yes, black is the classic slimming color, but it's not the only one, so you don't have to spend your summer in somber (and sweltering!) head-to-toe black! Navy blue, chocolate brown, wine hues and deep greens are all slimming and can add some color to your wardrobe. The key is to keep your outfit monochromatic. Staying with one color on top and bottom creates a seamless line instead of cutting you in the middle. But don't go monochromatic with white - use it only as layering to make your outfit pop. If you do wear different colors in the same outfit, always, always wear dark on bottom, light on top. This will draw the eye toward your beautiful face!

Lines for Every Shape. How and where your clothing hits your body can make a big difference. For instance, cropped jackets will make your hips look wide, so instead, choose a jacket that ends at your hips to lengthen your torso and minimize your hips. If your bust is large, stay away from jackets and tops with breast pockets and opt for a long v-neck with a tapered waist. If you are bigger in the hips and behind, stay away from pleated pants and side pockets that can gape outward and instead choose flat-front and side-zip pants.

Wear Patterns Carefully. Patterns can be a help or a hindrance, either camouflaging problem areas or bringing attention to them, so wear them with care. Choose a pattern that is in proportion to your size; if you are tall, you can get away with larger prints, but if you're short, stick with smaller designs. The best way to use patterns is as an accent paired with a solid. Head-to-toe patterns will make you look larger.

Jeans. Tapered pants and jeans don't look good on anybody (even the skinny minnies!) so don't even go there. Stick with long, straight-leg, boot-cut or slightly flared jeans and pants to elongate and slim your legs. And opt for dark washed jeans which will hide any bulges better and make you look thinner.

Swimwear. Stay away from boy shorts, which only accentuate your thighs. High cut legs will make your legs look longer, but choose a suit with a full-coverage bottom as a skimpy bottom will make you look fleshier. Choose a suit with an interesting design to camouflage and draw the eye up.

Some of the hottest plus-size designers offer their lines only on the Internet, so check out Torrid, Size Appeal, SWAKDesigns, Alight, and Junonia.



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