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Rules for Babysitters


Do not let anyone into the house for any reason (except for my specific instructions)
Keep all exterior doors locked when inside

Phone Policy

Do/do not answer the phone and take messages
How to know it's me calling______________________________
Do not tie up the phone with personal calls


Use back burners so children cannot reach for hot pots and pans
Keep knives and glassware out of reach
Secure all safety straps for children in high chair or booster seat
Do not leave children unattended during meal time
Double-check to make sure all appliances are turned off after use
Place lock on dishwasher to keep it off limits

Food and Bottles for Infants

Make sure food is bite size
Food/bottle should be warm to the touch before serving
Bottles are to be filled with______________________________
Heat bottles in_________________________________________
Test liquid temperature by______________________________
Treat/sweet policy______________________________________


Do not leave children unattended in bathtub
Let the answering machine pick up during bath time
Bath time routine_________________________________________
Have the following items ready at bathtime:
Bath toys
Check water temperature before children get in
Keep toilet lid closed at all times
Assist children while brushing teeth


Stay close during outdoor play
Keep children away from street
Closely monitor jungle gym activity
Watch that small objects are not put in mouth
Children must be watched during_________________________
TV/video/computer policy_______________________________


Be sure crib is secured in following position_____________________
Remove the following objects before sleep_____________________
Sleep routine____________________________________________
Put children to sleep with__________________________________
Special blanket

Other Instructions



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