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The Best Sex for Making Babies

While there is no scientific proof that having intercourse in certain positions can help you and your partner conceive, there are several positions recommended by fertility experts that may do just that.

It's simple, really. Positions that promote the deepest penetration are the best for baby-making because they allow for your partner's semen to be deposited very close to your cervix. The closer his sperm are to your egg, the less work they have to do! In contrast, sexual positions that defy gravity and discourage the upward mobility of sperm may make becoming pregnant more of a challenge.

Below are some positions that are considered the best for making babies.

  • Man on top - This standard position is also known as missionary style. Many fertility experts agree that engaging in intercourse with your partner on top offers the best chance of success when trying to conceive because it allows for the deepest penetration, placing the sperm very close to the cervix and allowing them to enter without much obstacle. One benefit of the traditional missionary style of intercourse is that it promotes face-to-face intimacy. It can also be nice if you want to relax and let your partner do most of the work!

  • Rear entry - Most commonly referred to as "doggy style," this position describes a woman on her hands and knees and her partner kneeling behind her. Similar to the missionary position, rear entry allows for the deepest penetration, placing the sperm closer to the cervix and increasing the chances for conception. While this position does not offer you or your partner the intimacy of making love face-to-face, it does allow for easier manual stimulation of the clitoris and could help you reach orgasm, which, research has shown, may also aid in conception.

  • Lying side-by-side - In this position, sometimes referred to by a term for cuddling known as "spooning," a man and woman lay together like spoons facing the same direction and they engage in intercourse from behind, similar to the rear entry position. Reverse spooning can also be done the same way, only facing each other. Lying side-by-side is another great position for baby-making because it allows plenty of sperm to get close to the clitoris. Reverse spooning also allows for face-to-face intimacy, while regular spooning, like intercourse from behind, makes manual stimulation of the clitoris easier. An added benefit of side-by-side intercourse is that it allows for both of you to relax, putting less strain on either of you. It is a great position for people who are overweight or suffer from a bad back because there is no strain on the body from holding oneself up.

Now that you know what positions can aid in your conception, it's a good time to check out the more counterproductive ones.

  • Woman on top - Take pro-conception missionary style intercourse, reverse it and what do you get? Sperm that falls victim to gravity. However much you may enjoy it, you should avoid this position when you and your partner are trying to get pregnant. Deep penetration may allow for your partner's sperm to be deposited close to your cervix, but gravity will cause them to head in the opposite direction. Semen can leak from the vagina, resulting in fewer sperm attempting to reach the egg.

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