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How to Give Fertility Drug Injections

If you and your partner have tried everything you can think of to get pregnant naturally, if you've kept a keen eye on every temperature reading, if you've closely monitored every menstrual cycle, if your partner's sperm is as healthy as can be, if even fertility drugs like Clomid haven't worked for you, your doctor will probably talk to you about the next step: injections. As hard as it may be to accept, fertility medications through injections can significantly increase your chances of achieving pregnancy. But they certainly aren't any fun!

While most of us are naturally needle-phobic, learning how to give yourself these injections can help simplify your life considerably. The following guidelines are designed to help you administer your own injections safely and successfully.

  • Before you begin

    Find a quiet, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. Make sure the area is clean and you have a sterile place to put your supplies down, such as a freshly cleaned kitchen counter or bathroom sink. Wash your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap and dry them completely. Cleanliness is very important when giving injections because you are handling needles, which must remain sterile. A needle can become contaminated if it touches anything other than the inside of its cap, so be sure not to touch it, even with clean hands! If you are concerned that a needle may have been contaminated, simply throw it away and use another one.

  • Get organized

    Before you give yourself or anyone else an injection of any kind, you should have your supplies ready and within reach.. You will need your syringe, medication, alcohol swabs (or rubbing alcohol and cotton balls), gauze, adhesive bandages and a container to safely dispose of the used needle. If you are injecting more than one medication, keep the supplies for each injection separate from each other to avoid a mix-up.

    If your doctor hasn't filled your syringes for you, your medication will come in one of two types of containers: ampules or vials. Clean the cap of the medication with an alcohol swab so it stays sterile after you open it. The mixing procedures are similar for both, but some medications require dilution, some require mixing a powder with a liquid and others may be drawn directly from the vial in which they come in. Be sure to follow the exact instructions provided for your specific type of medication.

    Remove any air bubbles by holding the syringe with the needle pointing toward the ceiling, drawing back slightly on the plunger and lightly flicking the barrel with your index finger a few times to help the bubbles rise. Once the bubbles reach the top, push the air out gently with the plunger until a tiny bit of liquid appears at the tip. You've finished preparing the injection. Put the cap back on the syringe until you're ready to use it.

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