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Trying to Conceive (TTC) Abbreviations

You've seen them in e-mail or on message boards, but what do those little acronyms actually mean? Here are some acronyms 'net-savvy hopeful moms-to-be are using.

2WW = two-week wait

AF = Aunt Flo (menstrual period)

AFK = away from keyboard

AH = assisted hatching

BBs = breasts

BBT = basal body temperature

BCP = birth control pill

BD = baby dancing (sexual intercourse)

BF = breastfeeding

BFP = big fat positive (pregnancy test result)

BFN = big fat negative (pregnancy test result)

BIL = brother-in-law

BM = breast milk

BMS = baby-making sex

BRB = be right back

BRU = Babies 'R Us

BTW = by the way

CB = cycle buddy (someone who shares the same menstrual cycle/ovulation dates)

CD = cycle day

CF = cervical fluid

CL = corpus luteum

CM = cervical mucus

CP = cervical position

CY = cycle

CYE = check your e-mail

DB = dear boyfriend

DD = darling daughter

DF = dear fiancÚ

DH = dear husband

DI = donor insemination

DP = dancing partner (spouse or significant other)

DPO = days past ovulation

DS = dear son

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