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After becoming a mom, Melissa Moog resolved to help new and expectant parents ease into their lives with children. Most importantly, Melissa wanted to create a company where she could help parents find the best green baby products to protect two very precious things: our little ones and the planet.

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Things to Consider When Finding the Right Carrier To Wear Your Baby

Melissa Moog

I recently did a Baby Wearing TV segment offering tips to parents on how to choose a carrier. I was fortunate to be able to work with a baby carrier expert, Laurel of Bella Stella Baby who shared her valuable tips on baby wearing. In this post weve combined our information to give you a short and sweet summary of what to consider.

Please note that with the recent recall of Infantino sling carriers its vital that you understand how to wear your baby properly. Click here to see CPSC warning about slings.

Click here for sling safety tips check out Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association (JPMA).

If you have a baby wearing experience, tip or product you loved when carrying your baby please share it here!

Types of Carriers for Baby Wearing:

  1. Wraps: Moby Wrap - Good for: newborns preemies, babies up to 20 pounds. Inexpensive, can hold a baby in every position imaginable, not as hard as it looks. The ultimate in comfort. Excellent for transitioning into new-motherhood. Wraps are the best option for someone with back problems. The biggest advantage is that you can fully spread the fabric out to fully distribute the weight of your babe across your entire upper body.

  2. Pouches: Sprout Pouch - Good For: Babies through toddlers and quick jaunts in and out of stores etc. Lightweight and compact. They easily slip into a diaper bag when baby is not being worn. Dads often prefer the look of a pouch to a ring sling. Can be less expensive & a short learning curve.

  3. Structured Carrier: Ergo Carrier - Good for: Bigger children (4 months and up) although infant inserts on models like the Ergo and the Beco make them useful (if not ideal) from day one. Long trips, all day carrying and hikes. It is like a backpack that carries the baby either on your front or on your back. It fully supports the baby (not by the crotch as some carriers do - it holds him in a sitting position) so that both your hands are free . The Ergo carrier has a simple design and is easy to put on and put the baby into.

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