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After becoming a mom, Melissa Moog resolved to help new and expectant parents ease into their lives with children. Most importantly, Melissa wanted to create a company where she could help parents find the best green baby products to protect two very precious things: our little ones and the planet.

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Finding Paraben and Phthalate Free Baby Care Products

Melissa Moog

Since the news about phthalates and baby care products came out a few weeks ago I've been thinking about how to help moms find the safest products out in the market. I personally use Earth Mama Angel Baby and Mama Rose's Naturals products on my child which are 100% organic. They are also made locally and I've gotten to know both company's business practices fairly well.

Rosetta of Mama Rose's Naturals created her company out of a critical need to use products that were safe and healthy for her own child. I love Mama Rose's Lala Baby Wash & Shampoo and Earth Mama Angel Baby's Diaper Rash Soap which I also use on myself like regular soap. Mama Rose's Naturals Melody Lotion (hypoallergenic & no scent) is also a great lotion for babies with sensitive skin or eczema. It's scary to think about bad chemicals seeping into our children from toxic products. If you're like me you try not to get too paranoid about it but you do the best you can to provide a safe environment for your child. As I think about it further the products our parents used on us when we were babies were probably similar products containing phthalates (not a good thought). It's just more recently that research and news has spread about toxic chemicals being in skin care products. Overall, it's still a very positive thing that we're now doing more research and finding out how to keep our children and ourselves safe from harmful chemicals.

To help parents find the best non-toxic products has done a good job of starting a complete list of paraben and phthalate free products. Safemama also provides tips below on how to find products free of these chemicals as noted below. Itsabelly also provided an earlier entry about research on phthalates titled Recent Study Provides Research that Baby Shampoo May Expose Children to Phthalates. Tips:

Read labels carefully. This article from The Daily Green is a great intro to helping you identify and avoid phthalates in your products.

Shopping at a “natural” store doesn’t mean everything is paraben and phthalate free. Read labels, know how to decipher the ingredients and don’t be fooled by the word “natural” on the label. If it says - paraben in any form, it contains parabens!

Be wary of the term “fragrance.” Synthetic fragrances are a phthalate culprit so if you can, try to use products with organic or natural fragrances or choose “unscented.” (NOTE: See Itsabelly's blog entry as mentioned above regarding research on "unscented products" because this does NOT mean products are free of paraben or phthalates. Some unscented products use synthetic ingredients to mask fragrances.)

Use fewer products. This seems like a no-brainer but many people use way more than they need. Babies are born with the most perfect skin (usually) and it will never again be as perfect as it is when they’re babies. They don’t need to be slathered in lotions and powders. A little warm water and a washcloth is all they really need. When kids get older and grimier (like mine) a little soap and warm water does the trick and spot treat any dry skin problems or rashes.

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