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Baby Shower Etiquette

When planning a baby shower there are many details a host should take into consideration, including the mom-to-be's due date, baby shower etiquette, and what type of baby shower the expecting mom might prefer. As a host or hostess you should know that no steadfast rules exist, but traditions and proper etiquette can act as guidelines to help you plan the baby shower. Whether you decide to stray from the beaten path or not, make sure you secure at least a couple of months to plan the baby shower to avoid unnecessary stress. Baby showers can be costly and a sufficient amount of work!

Who Can Host the Baby Shower?

Traditionally, baby showers were hosted by anyone beyond the nuclear family unit. Proper etiquette suggests the mommy-to-be and her mother (or other close family members) should not plan the party - family members do not want to appear as though they are asking for gifts. Despite this dated notion, family members, friends or co-workers have started planning baby showers and escape the backlash of committing a baby shower faux pas. When in doubt, go with your instincts - there is no right or wrong answer.

When Should the Baby Shower Take Place?

If you are pursuing a traditional route, choosing a date one or two months prior to the baby's delivery should be sufficient. Not only will this give guests an ample amount of time to purchase gifts, but it shouldn't interfere with an early or unexpected delivery. You also want to give the expecting parents enough time to set up their new gifts or return/exchange duplicated or unwanted gifts. Having a baby shower too near to the delivery date might also prevent the expecting mother from enjoying herself because she is on the verge of labor. However, friends and family are currently planning baby showers post-delivery. What are the benefits to planning a baby shower after the due date? Guests can purchase gender specific gifts while the newborn makes his or her debut.

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