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Baby Shower Games and Activities

All work and no play make guests a dull bunch, so be sure to plan a few baby shower games and activities for your guests to enjoy. When preparing for the baby shower, be sure to plan games according to the type of baby shower you are having: coed, family, or themed. Baby shower games and activities will get your guests involved while giving you the opportunity to capture great memories on camera for the mom-to-be. Listed down below are some popular baby shower games and activities for any crowd that will undoubtedly get guests riled up and having fun.

Write a Book

This baby shower activity involves the host or hostess providing a blank book for guests to write down pieces of advice for the expecting parents. Each entry can also include one wish the guest has for the baby followed by a proverb, using an original composition, poem, or quote. This book can also be made into a scrapbook with pictures from the baby shower and more.

Arts and Crafts

Quilting, an age old craft, is still a popular activity at many baby showers with all female guests. Ask your guests to bring or provide pieces of square fabric (6 square inches) at the baby shower. With fabric pens, paint, or other machine washable materials, guests can decorate and personalize their piece of fabric. After everyone is done, gather around and sew the quilt together for a timeless memory that can also keep the baby warm. This game may not work well at a coed baby shower.

Scrapbooking for Mommy

For this activity the host(s) provides a scrapbook, scissors, markers, pens, scrapbook inserts, and a Polaroid camera. As each guest arrives, take a picture of them and give the photo to the guest for their scrapbook page. Each guest will take a moment to add their picture, personalize their page using the provided materials, and write a note for the mom-to-be. The end result: a beautifully personalized scrapbook for the expectant mother to enjoy!

Guess the Belly Circumference

With the mom-to-be's permission, this game allows all guests to guess the circumference of the mom-to-be's belly. Ask guests to guess the circumference of the mom-to-be's belly by cutting the estimated length from some ribbon or yarn. Have the mom-to-be measure her belly at the end of the game to see whose string or yarn is the most accurate length.

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