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Baby Shower Games and Activities


Mommy Quiz

Create 10 questions or more to about how the mom or parents-to-be will respond to certain parenting situations. For example, "Who is the first person the mom-to-be will call if her baby is crying at 2a.m.?" Give the guests a variety of answers to choose from and also ask the expecting parents to write down their answers. The guest with the most matches wins.

Baby Food Smell Test

This baby shower game involves taking various flavors of baby food and removing the labels from the jars. Number each jar and ask guests to write down the answers on the answer sheet after smelling each flavor.

Baby Bottle Drinking Contest

What seems like a simple game may not prove to be such an easy task. Fill baby bottles with a drink of your choice and see which contestant can drink the fastest in this baby shower game.

These games are a sure fire way to bring out the friendly and competitive spirit in guests. Remember not all guests may feel comfortable participating and may want to be bystanders. In any case, no matter what game you choose, make sure it's welcoming to all guests if you're throwing or hosting a coed baby shower.

Baby Shower Prize Ideas

If you are planning to award baby shower prizes or gifts some of the following suggestions are great ideas for both genders:

  • $5 gift cards to Starbucks, Noah's Bagels, Jamba Juice or other food chains

  • Wine, candies, or chocolate

  • Plants

No matter what your gift is, just remember to have fun with the party planning process.

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