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Baby Shower Games and Favors

Baby Shower Games

Entertain your guests and the mommy-to-be with a few fun baby shower games, and award small prizes to the winners. Most baby shower games are geared towards laughs and amusement than actual skills or competition, and of course, they're all baby-themed. Check out the following ideas for fun baby shower games:

Clothespin Game - As guests arrive give them a clothespin to pin on their clothes. Throughout the party everyone needs to keep an eye out for anyone who crosses their legs, arms or feet. If someone is caught they have to hand their clothespin over to the person who caught them. At the end of the party whoever has the most clothespins wins.

Baby Word Jumble - On a piece of paper scramble up a bunch of words that have to do with a baby (i.e. bottle, crib, diaper etc.) and make copies. Pass one out to guests and have them try to unscramble the words. Make sure you time everyone about one to two minutes depending on how many words you have. Whoever finishes or unscrambles the most words first wins.

Baby Word Search - Create a word search with hidden words that have to do with a baby (i.e. bottle, crib, diaper etc.) and make copies. Pass them out to each guest and have them try to find the words. You should time everyone about one to two minutes depending how many words there are. Whoever finishes or finds the most words wins.

Name Baby Items - This is an easy game. Pass out a blank sheet of paper to each guest and give them about a minute to write down all the things they can that have to do with a certain subject, such as what should be in a diaper bag, the nursery, etc., or just write down items that have to do with a baby. Whoever has the most items written down wins.

Guess the Size of Mom - Have the mom-to-be stand where everyone can take a good look at her belly. Using either toilet paper, ribbon, or string let everyone try and guess how big she is. When everyone is finished measure each piece around her belly. Whoever gets the closest to going all the way around perfectly wins.

Guess Who's Baby Pictures - Ask each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves to the party. Mix them up and put them on a piece of cardboard and then have everyone take a look and try and figure out who's who. Without telling each other have them write down their answers. Whoever gets the most correct wins.

Drawing a Baby - Give each guest a piece of paper and a felt pen. Have them put the sheet of paper on their head and give them one minute to try and draw a picture of a baby. Whoever drew the picture that looks like the closest thing to a baby wins.

Bottle Race - Buy some 4 ounce baby bottles and fill them with beer (or juice/soda of if they don't drink alcohol, are minors or pregnant, etc.) and have your guests try and drink them as fast as they can. Whoever finishes first wins. This is a good game for the guys to play also.

Dress the Baby - Get a few baby dolls and some baby clothes. Undress the dolls and have your guests try and dress them as fast as they can in a minute or two. Whoever finishes first or has the most clothes on the doll in the appropriate places when the time is up wins.

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