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Baby Shower Themes and Favors

Having a baby shower theme will help give any party cohesion and personality. Although coed showers will often determine and limit the possibilities of feminine baby shower themes, a bountiful amount of ideas are still available. Baby shower planners should not be afraid to combine a hodge-podge of ideas to create their own unique theme tailored to the fit the needs of their party.

Tips for a Themed Baby Shower

When planning a baby shower, be sure you purchase all the items at once to avoid a scattered or stratified theme. This will also avoid dilemmas such as items being sold out if you need to return and purchase them. To help alleviate the audacious goal of planning a theme, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Feel free to ask for the help of family and friends so you are not overwhelmed with choosing a theme and planning the shower.

  • Ask the mom-to-be if she's considered a theme.

  • Think about hosting relevant baby shower games and activities, parties, and favors that contribute to the theme.

  • Offer the mom-to-be a gift for her baby that is also relevant to the theme.

  • When in doubt, you can always go with a colored theme entitled, "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"

The baby shower theme may also determine an appropriate place to host the shower while the cake and food should also reflect the theme.

Ideas for Baby Shower Themes

The following theme ideas can be for either a boy or girl themed party.

  • An outdoor theme such as the beach

  • Moons and Stars

  • Alphabet

  • Animals (storks, baby birds, etc.)

  • Disney characters

  • Pea in a pod

  • Noah's Ark

  • French Countryside

Baby Shower Favors

Baby shower favors are good keepsakes so guests can remember the shower, and can range from soaps, candies, or candles imprinted with the date, theme, and name of the mom-to-be. You can also visit your local craft store to make your own baby shower favors! Great ideas for homemade baby shower favors include: potting a small plant, baking homemade cookies, or making your own potpourri sachets.


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