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Coed Baby Showers

Coed baby showers are breaking down barriers set forth by previous generations, giving the host or hostess a new set of tasks: catering to the needs of both women and men. Instead of women celebrating motherhood, coed baby showers offer other couples an opportunity to show the new parents are supported by friends and family. If you have assumed the hairy task of planning a coed baby shower, be sure to keep your coed guests in mind when deciding on invitations, decorations, and activities. Below you will find a list of crucial do's and don'ts to help you along the way.

What to Consider When Planning a Coed Baby Shower

In order to remedy any socially awkward situations or tension, make sure to invite plenty of other male guests; make the shower guy-friendly. To achieve a happy medium so both genders are comfortable at the coed baby shower, consider the following:

  • Choose activities that both men and women feel comfortable participating in. An overbearing feminine touch, such as quilting, might threaten the machismo of the other gender. Another alternative is to offer separate baby shower games and activities for males and females. This will allow all guests to participate in the festivities without having to search for a single game to suit both sexes.

  • Make sure the gift opening process is a joint effort. The expecting parents should trade off opening presents so they both feel included.

  • Party favors or keepsakes should resemble the celebration of the mother and father-to-be. Choose a party favor that won't raise eyebrows from either gender or purchase separate party favors for men and women.

  • Invitations should be carefully worded: "You and your spouse are invited to..." is often a good start. Write down the name of both guests and make it clear that they are both invited.

Despite what many women may think, men might feel honored by the invite and excited to participate in the baby shower, solidifying the importance of welcoming both men and women.

Tips for guys

For first timers stepping into the lion's den, men might feel intimidated or awkward around either other guys they don't know, or being in a room full of excited women. If male guests feel uncomfortable during any conversations about painful childbirths, take a bathroom break or grab another drink.

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