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OB Appointment Weeks 13 - 16

Welcome to your second trimester! Although your OB appointments will all be fairly routine and similar during the middle of your pregnancy, you will probably be excited to go to make sure your baby is doing fine, listen to his or her heartbeat, and to have time to ask questions and make plans for your labor and delivery.

Your doctor or midwife will begin the appointment by asking you how you've been feeling, if you're still nauseous, if you've felt the baby move yet, and if you've noticed any bleeding or leaking fluid. He or she will review any test results that have come back from your last appointment, and go over any concerns or questions you have. Your doctor or midwife will also measure your fundal height, or the distance between your pubic bone and the top of your uterus. This is used to estimate your baby's size.

You may begin to gain weight more rapidly in these next few weeks as your nausea and fatigue decrease. Your doctor or midwife may choose to do an ultrasound sometime between your 16th and 20th weeks to look for possible birth defects, confirm the number of babies you're carrying, determine the placental location, and to measure your baby to confirm the estimated due date. You can also expect a triple screen test for possible genetic defects.

If you are interested in creating a birth plan, now is the time to bring this up with your doctor or midwife. Find out what he or she considers routine during labor and delivery and if he or she is open to any special ideas you may have, such as having a doula with you during labor and delivery or having a water birth.

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