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OB Appointment Week 37

The end of pregnancy can be very difficult for many women - physically and mentally. You are tired, uncomfortable, and sitting on edge waiting for your labor to begin. Your doctor or midwife will continue to observe the changes in your cervix as your body and your baby prepares for delivery.
You are officially full term and labor could begin at any time!

Your appointments will continue to be weekly. Your doctor or midwife will give you more instructions regarding what to expect next as true labor approaches and when to notify them of your condition. In addition to all the routine physical checks you and your baby have had in the previous weeks, your doctor or midwife will palpate your uterus to determine your baby's position, perform an internal exam, and possibly an ultrasound to determine the size and position of your baby. Your doctor or midwife will want to determine how your baby is presenting (head or buttocks first, facing toward the front or the back) and if the presenting part is engaged. You may begin to dilate at any time and your doctor or midwife will track this change to help pinpoint when labor may begin. If you have had a positive Group B strep (GBS) vaginal culture at any past appointments, you will be retested and, if GBS is found, put on a round of antibiotics. As your due date grows near, it is not a bad idea for your partner to attend each prenatal appointment from now on with you since, depending on what your doctor or midwife finds during your appointment, they may decide to send you straight to the hospital!

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