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Birth Plan

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  • Time with the baby - 24-hour rooming in, baby in room during the hours you are awake, baby brought in for feedings only?
  • If the baby is a boy, will he be circumcised?
  • Are you going to collect the umbilical cord blood stem cells for banking?

Of course, with some of these items, your doctor's judgment or the hospital's rules will affect the final plan. Items such as dimmed lighting, music, videotaping and taking pictures are usually honored when expectant parents make requests for such.

However, expectant parents need to be realistic when putting a birth plan in place. While it's ideal if the plans can be carried out the way they were envisioned, it isn't always possible. There is no way to predict in advance how labor and delivery will progress and if complications will be encountered. Therefore the birth plans made before the process begins may not end up being in the best interest of the mother and baby. Things may have to change at the last minute. If this happens, try to keep in mind that the health and safety of the mother and baby are always the first priority and all other considerations must be secondary.

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