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Expanded Newborn Screening

Opponents of expanded newborn screening feel that the detectable conditions are too rare to warrant testing every newborn. They also point out that the equipment necessary for testing is very expensive to purchase and the experts needed to effectively run the tests, analyze the results, and perform follow-up on positive tests would bankrupt most state health budgets.

Pediatricians normally do not perform screenings other than those required by the state unless the parents request them or the infant's symptoms or family history warrant expanded testing. Parents can request ENBS if they feel they are at a higher risk for a disorder. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may want to discuss ENBS with your doctor:

  • Do you have a positive family history of an inherited disorder?
  • Have you previously given birth to a child who’s affected by a disorder?
  • Did an infant in your family die because of a suspected metabolic disorder?
  • Do you have another reason to believe that your child may be at risk for a certain condition?

If you would like to have your baby receive ENBS, contact one of the laboratories below to obtain a parent packet, which contains a screening kit and information for you and your physician. The screening kit should be obtained prior to delivery and taken to the hospital with you when you give birth. Simply give the kit to your doctor, and ask to have an extra blood sample drawn at the time of your baby's routine newborn screening. Your doctor will then send the sample off to a participating laboratory for testing.

Pediatrix Screening
45+ disorders for $89

Institute of Metabolic Disease (Baylor Medical Center)
35 disorders for $25– Not Available in New York

Mayo Medical Laboratories
35 disorders for $57

University of Colorado
20+ disorders for $25

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