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Chelsea at Crunch Gym

Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness | With Chelsea

Biking With Baby

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As your pregnancy progresses you will need to make several considerations for you and your baby. Apply sunscreen and pack a small tote that includes just-in-case cash, your driver's license, snack food (cheese stick, trail mix, small bag of nuts or a piece of fruit) and a bottle of water. Outdoor cycling presents the greatest challenge due to circumstances beyond your control such as temperature, precipitation, traffic and objects in the road. Challenges to consider prior to your ride include the following:

  • Weather. Before heading out on your ride check out a local weather report. Layering your clothing will keep you comfortable throughout your workout.

  • Traffic. Drivers are frequently distracted, so if possible, locate a bike path or trail that avoids cars altogether. If your only option is to bike on the streets, choose a route and time of day that avoids traffic as much as possible. Always stick to paved areas, such as wide streets or designated bike lanes.

  • Repairs. Trails often have sharp rocks and streets are frequently littered with broken glass that can lead to a flat tire. Always ride prepared. Your "Plan B" might include a cell phone to call a friend who can pick you up or money for a bus or cab home.

Sample Workout:
(On stationary bike using manual control)

  • Level 2 at 70 rpms for 5 minutes
  • Level 5 at 65 rpms for 3 minutes
  • Level 2 at 85 rpms for 3 minutes
  • Level 5 at 65 rpms for 3 minutes
  • Level 2 at 85 rpms for 3 minutes
  • Level 5 at 65 rpms for 3 minutes
  • Level 2 at 70 rpms for 10 minutes

If You Have Always Been Active...

If Lance Armstrong is your inspiration and you feel at your best on your bike, talk to your doctor about an appropriate heart rate range to maintain and wear a monitor to follow your doctor's guidelines. Save your long rides for the weekend when a friend or partner can join you. Checkout the "Challenges to consider prior to your ride" listed above. Trail riding is not suggested due to the increased risk of falling. Stick to the pavement for your high mileage rides.

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