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Forty Weeks of Fitness with Chelsea

Forty Weeks of Fitness | With Chelsea



Spinning, also referred to as cycling, is a safe way to achieve an effective workout throughout your pregnancy in a class setting.

Go prepared. Grab a towel and a bottle of water on your way to class. Arrive five minutes early to properly adjust your bike handles and seat, and introduce yourself to the instructor and let him/her know that you are expecting. Spinning instructors will help motivate you and keep you focused throughout your workout. During class pay special attention to your breathing and always remember to stay hydrated. Remember, you have control of your bike, thus the intensity of your workout. If you feel you need to lower the intensity, decrease your tempo or the tension on the wheel. Listen to the instructor's frequent reminders to keep your elbows slightly bent and shoulders relaxed while holding your abdominals tight. Provided you are feeling up to it, have fun with the change in positions from standing ("out of the saddle") to seated ("in the saddle"). As always, listen to your body. If it feels more comfortable to you, hang out in the saddle.

At some point in your pregnancy you might notice that your knees are having difficulty moving parallel to one another. Try engaging your inner thigh muscles to help pull your knees in towards the bike. If your knees start bowing outward to avoid hitting your growing abdomen, it may be time to choose another exercise like prenatal yoga, walking or swimming. Until that day have fun and enjoy the hour at your pace!

Baseline Rules

  • Speak to your doctor about your desire to stay active during your pregnancy and listen to his/her advice and recommendations.

  • Wear appropriate shoes and clothing (layers work great to avoid overheating).

  • Monitor your breathing rate and adjust your intensity accordingly.

  • Consider wearing a heart rate monitor to keep the intensity at an appropriate level as dictated by your doctor.

  • Stop exercising immediately if you feel dizzy, faint or experience heart palpitations.

  • Stretch! Areas to focus on include hamstrings, quadriceps, chest and triceps.

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