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Ultimate Belly Button Quiz!

Welcome to the Ultimate Belly Button Quiz! Test your belly button aptitude by clicking the boxes below and then hitting the "Submit" button. Your score will be automatically calculated as the answers to all the questions are revealed. Who knew there could be so much to know about your belly button?

Enjoy the quiz and good luck from Cord Blood Registry(SM) - The Name to Trust in Cord Blood Banking (SM)!


True or False:

  1. The famous film director Alfred Hitchcock did not have a belly button.
    True False
  2. Only mammals have belly buttons.
    True False
  3. Dogs and cats don't have belly buttons.
    True False
  4. There are such devices as "Belly Button Cleaners".
    True False
  5. The breakdown between "Innies" and "Outies" is about 50/50.
    True False
  6. A trend in plastic surgery is to alter the shape of your belly button.
    True False
  7. On average, blood travels at 115 miles per hour through the umbilical cord.
    True False
  8. Umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells and has the potential to treat over 75 diseases.
    True False
  9. There is only a 15 minute window of opportunity during a pregnancy to save the stem cell rich umbilical cord blood.
    True False
  10. Survival rates double when using cord blood from a relative.
    True False
  Ready to find out your score?


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