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Safe Internal Temperatures for Cooking Meat

To keep you and your family healthy and avoid foodborne illnesses, be sure to cook your food - particularly meat - thoroughly. This can mean different temperatures for different types of meat, so always use a digital food thermometer and insert it into the thickest part of the meat to get the most accurate reading.

Use the following guidelines, provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services, to cook your meat to a safe internal temperature.

  Fahrenheit Celsius
Fresh Beef
    Medium Rare 145 63
    Medium 160 71
    Well Done 170 77
Ground Beef 160 71
Fresh Veal
    Medium Rare 145 63
    Medium 160 71
    Well Done 170 77
    Deer 165 74
    Rabbit 180 82
    Duck 180 82
    Goose 180 82
    Fried, poached (cook until yolk and white are firm)
    Casseroles 160 71
    Sauces, custards 160 71
    Chicken 180 82
    Turkey 180 82
    Turkey Roast     (boneless) 170 77
Stuffing (inside or outside bird) 165 74
Fresh Pork
  Chops, Roast, Ribs
      Medium 160 71
      Well Done 160 71
  Cured Pork
      Ham, fresh 160 71
      Sausage, fresh 160 71


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