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Wish List for Mom-to-Be

Ah, pregnancy! Your mind wanders to thoughts of cute little booties, baby coos and warm, soft days nestled with your cherished bundle of joy. Then reality hits, and you realize motherhood may not be as rosy as you wish it would be. But hey, it's okay to wish a little. Here are a few things to wish for, be it fantasy or reality:


  • An effortless pregnancy, labor and delivery.
  • Lose all your baby weight the day after delivery.
  • 24-hour "technical" support for your new arrival.
  • Built-in feeding instructions.
  • Baby Crying Decoder System so you know exactly what your baby needs every time.
  • Baby sleeping through the night the day you come home from the hospital.
  • A year or more of paid maternity leave.
  • A 100 percent safe and pain free "world" for your little one.
  • All the time in the world to spend with your baby.


  • A healthy pregnancy that results in the delivery of a healthy baby.
  • Reasonable weight gain during pregnancy so that weight can be lost easily and sensibly.
  • A network of friends, family or assistance during the first few weeks at home.
  • Lactation/Feeding specialists, new parent classes, reliable consultants/doulas.
  • The love, patience and inner wisdom to guide you in learning how to care, comfort and console your newborn baby.
  • To use books, videos and the advice of friends to help you and your baby develop good eating and sleeping routines.
  • Your legal right to maternity leave (check with your company's policy or contact your local Employment Development Department for more information).
  • A relatively safe and healthy start for your baby: choosing a reliable, accredited pediatrician; purchasing safe equipment, insurance for your home and health; good hygiene habits for you and your baby; and making the decision to immunize your child or not.
  • A realistic expectation of parenting, realizing the time you spend should be quality time, and that your love (not necessarily your time) is the most important thing your baby needs.


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