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Fetal Development by Month

Although every baby develops differently, this guide will give you an idea of how your baby is growing and developing throughout your pregnancy.

Seventh Month

By the end of this month, your baby is about 15 inches long and weighs a little over 2 pounds. His or her eyes are open fully now and you may notice that she'll turn toward a light source, such as a flashlight placed against your belly.
He or she now has taste buds and is putting on more layers of fat in anticipation of life outside of your cozy womb. As your baby packs on all this poundage and length, he or she is quickly running out of room and you may notice a decrease in the intensity of kicks and jabs, but you may be able to discern the shape of an elbow or heel through your belly!

You may begin to feel practice contractions, called Braxton Hicks . Don't panic - these aren't the real thing unless they occur regularly and you have more than four in one hour. Now that you're probably seeing your doctor on a bi-monthly basis, tell him or her if you notice any signs of preterm labor.

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