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Fetal Development by Month

Although every baby develops differently, this guide will give you an idea of how your baby is growing and developing throughout your pregnancy.

Ninth Month

Your baby is approximately 20 inches long and weighs about 7 pounds, although he or she is still gaining about an ounce a day. He or she is preparing for birth this month by shedding most of the lanugo and vernix that has been covering and protecting his skin.
Your baby can survive outside your body now, even if he or she is born a little early (37 weeks is considered full-term). The lungs are still secreting surfactant, the substance that will keep the lungs from sticking to each other and inflate fully after she takes that first breath of air.

Scientists still don't know precisely what triggers labor to start, which could happen any time now. Most babies are born within two weeks before to two weeks after their due date. You are probably seeing your doctor on a weekly basis now and he or she will be checking your cervix for signs of effacement and dilation - two sure signs that your baby is on its way!

First Month
Second Month
Third Month
Fourth Month
Fifth Month
Sixth Month
Seventh Month
Eighth Month
Ninth Month


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