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Nursery Themes

Choosing one name from all the thousands to call your child may be a greater challenge, but choosing a nursery theme is no mean feat. Like your baby's name, your nursery theme must be something you find immediately and emotionally appealing, but it must also be something you and baby will love as much years from now.

The best way to locate a theme that will work for you is to think first about how you want your nursery to feel. Warm and cozy? Bright and happy? Relaxing and restful? What kind of space do you want this to be for your baby? Popular ideas that require only a moderate amount of creativity, artistic talent, and/or shopping prowess include:

  • Day and night

    Paint the ceiling to look like clouds or the night sky, and suspend the sun, moon, or stars from the ceiling, making sure that they're not within your baby's reach. Paint the walls to look like more sky, or a garden. Anyone can sponge paint the day or night sky.

  • Geometric shapes, dots, or stripes in bold colors

    Experts in early childhood development recommend contrasting colors for babies' stimulation and brain development. Choose bright colors in any arrangement as your theme and you will find sheets, furnishings, and toys very easy to locate and tie in, and you will be able to update the room's look as your child grows.

  • The alphabet, numbers, or crayons

    Three more bright and widely available themes are these mainstays of the early years. Crayon wallpaper borders and sheets look great when flanked with bulletin boards and blackboards ready for your child's own early forays into art. The combination of the alphabet or number theme in combination with contrasting colors could make your child the academic star of nursery school.

  • Pastels or denim

    For a more relaxed, soothing nursery, try gentler colors even a denim, which your child may love and consider hip well into early adulthood.

  • Animals in any form

    Baby animals, teddy bears, farm scenes, circuses, Noah's ark, safari, there's an animal theme for every color scheme. Every baby store will feature at least one.

  • Under the sea

    Paint the walls to look like water and hang the ceiling with fish, an octopus and starfish.

  • Favorite characters

    Childhood classics can make both mother and child happy, and are easy to find in wallpapers, blankets, and everything else because of the widely available licensed lines. They also guarantee that no matter how many differences develop between you and your child over the years, you can always share a lingering affection for the same character.


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