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The Doctors

"An experimental cord blood procedure changes the life of a child with cerebral palsy. Find out how banking cord blood could save your child’s life."

This groundbreaking new talk show provides frank discussions, debating everything from the benefits of plastic surgery to the controversy surrounding autism and vaccines.

Discovery Health Shows

Birth Day | View Schedule

Birth DaySome celebrate with cake and ice cream. Others prefer to ignore the date on the calendar. But whether you look forward to birthdays or not, there's no denying we've all experienced one very special Birth Day - the day we entered the world. No matter if you're a first-time mom or an "old hand" at childbirth, you know there's nothing more dramatic or exciting than a baby's first real birth day. Join us as we follow expectant mothers, nervous dads and eager soon-to-be big brothers and sisters as they get ready for a new and very special Birth Day.

Runway Moms | Watch weekdays at 3pm ET/PT

Runway MomsLiza Elliott-Ramirez runs Expecting Models, the world's only agency devoted to representing professional models during their pregnancies. Each episode of Runway Moms highlights a different model mom-to-be and her unique pregnancy and birth story. Runway Moms follows dynamic women like Nynne, a Danish model preparing for life as a single mom far from home; Laura, a 39-year old model facing the health challenges of pregnancy later in life; and Mary Jane, an established photographer and model whose musician husband missed the birth of their first son and worries it may happen again.

Deliver Me | Watch Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT

Deliver MeAlane Park, Yvonne Bohn and Allison Hill are doctors and mothers busy juggling careers in medicine while raising young children. Three former school friends, now partners in a demanding OB/GYN practice, they share their professional and personal lives. Deliver Me is set primarily at their medical office, where they see a full schedule of patients, and also at Good Samaritan Hospital next door, where they may be called at any time of day or night to deliver babies or perform surgery. Take an intimate look at these extraordinary women's busy lives. Get a front-row seat for all the drama, emotion and challenges -- both professionally and personally -- churning around these skilled doctors every day

Other shows: Adoption Stories, Babies: Special Delivery, Make Room for Baby, Then Came Baby, House of Babies. To learn more about the pregnancy/baby TV programs on Discovery Health, please click here.

TLC Shows

Baby Story | Watch Weekdays at 2/1c

Baby StoryA Baby Story takes viewers on an intimate and emotional journey by profiling couples' experiences from the final weeks of pregnancy through the first weeks of a new life. Go inside the delivery room for a voyeuristic peek at the drama of labor and the sheer joy and relief of the unforgettable birth moment. Share in the experience and all the emotions parents feel when they first greet their newborn.

Bringing Home Baby | Watch Weekdays at 3/2c

Bringing Home BabyTLC's series Bringing Home Baby focuses on those first 36 hours at home with your new baby. Sure, a newborn does only a few things: eat, sleep, cry and go through diapers. But each of those activities presents its own set of challenges for new parents.

Little People, Big World | Watch Mondays at 8/7c

Little People, Big WorldOne of the TLC's most popular and acclaimed series, Little People, Big World has become a bona fide phenomenon. The series transcends the idea of "reality show" and has instead become a cultural touchstone as a genre-breaking, inspiring and refreshing slice-of-life unscripted drama. With over 60 episodes so far, the series is also the most in-depth documentation of the lives of little people ever presented on television. Praised by both viewers and critics alike, "Little People, Big World" follows the ongoing story of the Roloffs, an extraordinary family determined to succeed in a world that wasn't made for them.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 | Watch Mondays at 9/8c

Jon & Kate Plus 8When the Gosselins dreamed of having a family, nonstop chaos wasn't exactly what they envisioned. But the arrival of a set of twins and a set of sextuplets within five years has added up to Jon & Kate plus 8. And their dream family has turned into a mind-boggling juggling act. In the new season, TLC takes you into the lives of this unusual and amazing family as they experience the havoc, the challenges and the joys of raising multiples. Sometimes it's a comedy, sometimes it's a drama, but it's always an adventure!

Secret Lives of Soccer Moms | Watch Sundays at 8/7c

Secret Lives of Soccer MomsIn each one-hour episode hosted by Tracey Gold, one busy Mom will have an opportunity to experience what her life would have been like if she had stayed on the career track. She will dive into a new job and instead of changing diapers, she'll don firefighting gear to battle a brush fire. Instead of packing lunches, she'll help prepare a five-course meal at an exclusive restaurant. Meanwhile, Mom's husband and kids think they are the focus of the show - a documentary about a typical American family. While Mom is living a secret life, she has to deal with the reality of what a full-time job away from home means for her husband and children. At the end of each episode, what will Mom choose? Return to her role at home, or pursue her newfound career?


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